• Vinko Jovanovac

    Vinko is a rainbow eye photographer, his youth and energy as well as his creativity made him one of the best young photographers with many exhibitions and published photos in international and national magazines, such as National Geographic Croatian Issue.

  • Columna - Foreign languages school

    Columna - School of Foreign Languages / The school was founded in 1999 with branches in Županja, Andrijaševci and Vinkovci, by 2008 Columna performs two activities: a play workshop early English language learning (for children up to 7 years of age) and foreign language school (for children and adult learners) 2008 columna begins to perform exclusively

  • The Center for Personal Power

    About The Center for Personal Power / Association for integral development of man and promotion of healthier lifestyles –Intuita was founded in 2006. At the beginning it was focused on physical exercise, and during the 2008 the association expanded to implementation of integrative therapy and workshops.

  • Association Škrinjica Vinkovci

    "Škrinjica" is an organization of aficionados, admirers of tradition and handicraft who want to prevent from oblivion the knowledge and skills of our grandparents, known and unknown, craftsmen and craftswomen, and keep them for our children, grandchildren and grand grandchildren.

  • SKIG - Studio of creative ideas Gunja

    Video activity, which dates from 2003, is probably the most representative segment of the creative and professional work MMC SKIG's. In the seven years of its operations it produced 35 movies, 5 of which feature 3 experimental and 27 documentaries. 20 films have been awarded at various shows, festivals and fairs.

  • Carbon 4

    Carbon4 offers all kinds of infrared heaters, especially our highlight - Carbon mats as comfortable spa heating. The absolute high-tech heating on the market! Feel Heat on Demand - for wall, floor and ceiling. Ultralight, ultra-thin, just 0.1 mm thick, the mat is instantaneous attach.

  • Boomker

    Boomker started as a family business founded in 2006. Since then we are concessionaires of “Intereuropa” for Vukovar County in the area of road transport.

  • Red Bull Adria

    In our effort to make this event unique and remarkable, we contacted Red Bull Adria and obtained a products promotion for our peak day, Saturday 26.10.2013. Red Bull girls went and presented us with new flavors and products of the famous energy drink.

  • Town of Županja

    At the beginning we must say that if it wasn't fot he Mayor Davor Miličević, the Festival of knowledge couldn't be held at all, The Mayor recognised our efforts and decided that we could use the 'Mladost' hall for our needs, and upon his own initiative the Town of Županja agreed to pay some of our expenses, for which we are immensly grateful.

  • Ožujsko Beer

    Ožujsko Beer, branch of Županja answered our call and helped us with sponsored products and merchandise for our stands. We hope that this collaboration will be a long going one, for our next editions.

  • Cafe' Bar 'Park'

    Cafe' Bar Park, helped us by sharing its wi-fi signal which we used to internetize the 'Mladost' Hall for the week of knowledge, it also was our info-point and coffee zone, for which we are very thankful. Hopefully this collaboration will go on for other events we will organize.

  • Restaurant Sava

    Just 200 meters from the city center - in the immediate vicinity of the Sava river, surrounded by green, with tennis courts, the football field of football club Granicar and fitness in the open - sets the restaurant Sava continues the rich culinary tradition of the former fish restaurants.