Columna - School of Foreign Languages / The school was founded in 1999 with branches in Županja, Andrijaševci and Vinkovci, by 2008 Columna performs two activities: a play workshop early English language learning (for children up to 7 years of age) and foreign language school (for children and adult learners) 2008 columna begins to perform exclusively in teaching foreign languages ​​to children from 3 years of age and for adult learners and establish Kindergarten Gingerbread in Vinkovci, Zagreb 4, in which children from 2.-7. years of age learns German and English, our objective is to deliver instruction in foreign languages ​​in a way that will enable the recipients to achieve the desired competencies while respecting their individual way of learning, it is our mission to debunk myths about foreign language learning:

- I don't have the gift for foreign languages ​​(with appropriate training and personal effort everyone can achieve a certain competence)

- Too old - learning is an important personal decision, not bound to chronological age

- If a child learns several languages ​​it presents the possibility to replace them with another - not,

linguists have shown that each language is stored in another location in our brain, and that knowledge of a foreign language has a positive effect on the adoption of any of the following languages, we believe that a positive approach to teaching based on promotion and creating a positive atmosphere creates the preconditions for a positive optimistic attitude towards learning foreign languages. Eugenija Parać For the FEZ13 - Festival of Knowledge -

Columna will present their work