Boomker started as a family business founded in 2006. Since then we are concessionaires of “Intereuropa” for Vukovar County in the area of road transport. Because all of us here in Boomker extremely love music and we have been involved in various different fields of the music business for more than 20 years, we decided to gather even more people in our company and invest a lot more time in this business. Boomker - Stage rental, sound equipment, lighting rental and room for music exercise. Music Store, Web Shop (coming soon) and production of musical equipment. Today, our main focus is on the music industry.

We own and rent the stage with the whole construction for it, professional lighting, PA, stage equipment / backline and many more. We have a practice room for bands and music individuals who can come and practice their music skills. Also, in 2012 we opened a first (serious) Music Shop in our surrounding area. We are located in Županja, Croatia (Europe) but we are looking forward to expand our business across the borders. Boomker - History The Boomker crew consists of a very talented musicians, lighting professionals, multimedia and entertainment experts, organizers of various cultural events including music shows and the festivals and many more.

We all love music and everything related to it and because of that we started this growing business. This is our story in a few short lines. Because of our future plans, we will keep updating this page proportionally how our business will be expanding in more and more countries in European Union and abroad. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at and we will gladly respond within 24 hours on your e-mail. Boomker - Music Shop, Županja Thanks for reading this and we hope that we will cooperate together in the future, or at least we can chat about our business / music industry and meet together with a pint of beer!

Cheers from Boomker crew!