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Here at the MauDesign we love complex systems, 'real CMS-es', content management systems, we love when our clients have the possibility to administer every aspect of their website, with every website we make, we make an education course for the use of the website as well as the continuous support which in some cases lasts more than 10 years. We constantly monitor and update the modules so that the security level is always at the top, and it's made possible by this CMF (content management framework), this is also one of its top quality...


What I Have Learned Teaching Space 2.0 (again)

by Miroslav Ambruš-Kiš on November 09, 2013

It was Friday and I was still resting a bit from World Space Week extra efforts, when came a short reminder: tomorrow you have a presentation at Science Festival! Well, to be honest I was booked a month and a half before - it was a simple OK on a phone question "Would you…"

So, I had almost forgotten! The trouble was that it was taking place in Županja, a neat small border town some 250 kilometers east from Zagreb. It was the first issue of FEZ13, Festival znanja/Knowwledge Festival, a week-long concentration of popular lectures and demos from a variety of science and humanities fields.


Festival of Knowledge

The idea of the Festival of Knowledge jumped out of my mind in the early days of july 2013. The format was created to help people in remote places to obtain knowledge and skills that were not available otherwise. One had to travel at least to the capital or other cities to attend lessons or to listen to speakers. Fortunately or not, this part of the region where it all started is pretty undeveloped and has been left out of any similar happenings for a long time. There was this initial presentation of the project FEZ13 in the town of Županja the 22.nd of July, and as one of our speakers said it was a jaw-dropping experience for many of the attendants of the presentation.